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  Vythiri Resort

City : Vythiiri, Wayanad
Address:Vythiri Resort,
Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad-673576, Kerala, India



At Vythiri Resort, impressions blur and mingle. Mud walls, rocks, concrete, wood Its a visual treat like none other. A long swaying bridge. A swimming pool roofed by the stars. Rough-hewn steps leading to breathtaking vistas. Vythiri offers you well appointed, tastefully furnished rooms. It has all modern amenities including en-suite bathroom, hot water etc. So that you enjoy your brush-with-nature comfortably. You have three fabulous choices on your stay here. Planters Lodges, Cottages and Tribal Huts. Rooms 6 adjoining rooms fully fitted, each with a veranda offering a beautiful view of the lush surroundings and flowing stream. Tile roofed Planters Lodges are inspired by ancient Keralite traditions. Cottages There are 18 spacious river-facing cottages, offering you the golden opportunity of waking up to the sounds of a gurgling stream. Self-contained and ideal for couples / family. The floorings are terracotta tiles and red-oxide finished red polished floors. Tribal Huts There are 12 individually thatched tribal huts ideal for adventure lovers. Built completely from mud, bamboo and thatched leaves, it brings you close to nature