Cuisine Style

South Indian


Palappam or Kerala Appam is one of the most popular traditional christian Kerala breakfast breads that goes well with green peas, kadala curry, chicken curry, fish curry, potato mappas etc.


Rice Flour:250 gms Yeast:1.5 Tsp Sugar:1 Tsp Rawa:1.5 Cup Milk:1.5 Cup

Preparation Method

Dissolve yeast and sugar in water Cook rawa in half cup water Make a thick batter by mixing cooked rawa, fermented yeast and rice flour Keep the batter for fermentation for 6 hours. Add milk, salt and 1 tsp sugar to the batter. Keep the batter for 45 minutes Grease heated pan and pour batter in small amounts. Cover the pan and cook

To Serve


Prepaired By

Gibi Foji