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Evolved around 600 BC in India, it is believed that the Gods themselves handed over the wisdom of Ayurveda-“science of life”-to sages for the benefit of mankind.
The system of ayurveda was carefully preserved and nurtured by traditional families of Ayurvedic Doctors. Traditionally this was carried on by eight families of physicians known as the Asta Vaidya.Scientific knowledge was handed down from father to son, and the eldest son practiced independently only after the death of his father.
Ayurveda has been a part of Kerala life for centuries. Kerala’s equable climate, natural abundance of forests and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative powers. Here, the science lives on, practiced with authenticity and dedication.
Kerala’s hilly tracts and forests-with their rich biodiversity-are home to numerous herbs, creepers, plants and trees invaluable in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.
According to traditional text, ayurveda for rejuvenation is best carried out when the climate is neither hot nor cold (nasheethoshnavastha). The monsoon season in Kerala (June to November) is acknowledged as offering the most suitable climate condition for rejuvenation programmes.During the monsoon, the air comparatively dust-free and the atmosphere cool. Pores of the skin open and permit maximum absorption of Ayurvedic medicines and oils. Herbs used to make medicines are fresh and rich in medicinal value at this time of the year.
Ayurvedic Treatments dhara_ayurvedic_treatment
Broadly, two kinds of ayurveda treatment enjoy wide patronage in contemporary Kerala – therapeutic and remunerative. The various therautic treatments practiced in the state today are dhara, snehapanam, shirovasthi, pizhichi, udvarthanam, marmachikitsa, nasyam, karnapoornam, tharpanam, njavarakizhi.etc.Rejuvenation programmes, designed to improve vitality, enhance immunity an increase longevity are extremely popular among tourists.
Usually, the physician designs are exclusive programme that matches the individual’s body constitution and mental makeup. Hence, informing the physician in advance of a history of heart trouble, blood pressure, blood sugar, chronic skin disease or asthma important.
Therapeutic massages and short-term treatments for minor aliments like back pain are rendered only on the physician’s advice, and under his/her constant supervision.Ayurvedia is promoted by the Kerala Government through the establishment of hospitals and teaching institutions in different parts of the state. There are spatiality centers in the private sector too. For aliment-specific therapies, it is best to approach one of the many hospitals and spatiality centers.
Following are the some of the popular rejuvenate packages offered by many hotels, spas and Ayurvedic centers across the State.
Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa) : Tones up the skin and rejuvenates and strengthens all the tissues, so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.Increses primary vitality (ojas) and improves mental clarity (sattva) and increases the resistance of the body. This includes head and face massage with medicated oils and creams, body massage with herbal oil or powder, by hand and foot, internal rejuvenate medicines and medicated steam bath. Herbal baths are also used
Body Immunization and Longevity treatment (Kaayakalpa chikista) : Prime treatment for retarding the aging process, arresting the degeneration of body cells and immunization of system. Includes intake of special ayurvedic medicines and diet (Rasayana) and comprehensive body care programmes, including many therapeutic treatments (snehapanam, nasyam, snehavasthi, pizichil, navarakizhi, tharpanam, shirovasthi, karnapoornam) and medicated steam bath, yoga and meditation. Most effective for either sex if undertaken before the age of fifty, 28 days.
Body Purification (shodan chikitsa) : A process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of humours (vatha, pitha, kabha) based on panchakarma and swethakarma treatment. Includes body massage, steam bath and many therapeutic treatments (snehapanam, vamana, nasyam, vivechanam, snehavasthi, kashayavasthi, pizichil, navarakizhi, tharpanam, shirovasthi) 15 days.
Body Sudation (Swethakarma) : Medicated steam baths eliminate impurities from the body, improve the tone at complexion of the skin, reduce fat and are recommended for certain rheumatic diseases, particularly for pain. Precious herbs and herbal leaves are boiled and the steam is passed over the entire body. Hand massage with herbal oils or herbal powder improves blood circulation and tones of the muscles, 10 to 20 minutes daily.
Body Slimming : Includes two types of massages (1) Medicated herbal powered massage (2) medicated oil massage. Intake of herbal juice, herbal preparations, and ayurvedic diet is advised during the period, 28 days.
Beauty Care : To improve the complexion and beauty the figure. Involves herbal face packages, herbal cream massage, herbal oil massage, and in take of oil tea.
Mental and physical well being : Mediation and yoga. Exercises designed to horn concentration, boost health and attain mental peace through 8 stages of training-disciplined behavior (yama), self purification (niyama), bodily postures (asanas), control of breathing (pranayama), control of the senses (pratyahara), concentrating on a chosen object (dharana), mediation (dyana) and a state of experiencing absolute tranquility and well-being.
Kerala Tourism, Kerala Hotels, Kerala Resorts, Kerala Homestays, Kerala Honeymoon Tourism, Kerala Beaches, Kerala Houseboats, Kerala Spices, Kerala Arts
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